His kind of portrayal remains miles away from the psychic automatism of those pioneers of modern art. The dark unconsciousness that formed the inexhaustible source of surrealistic inspiration is lifted by him into the bright light of consciousness to grasp it in its ambivalence and to impart it as more or less concrete events to the observer.“

Professor of Fine Arts
Hans Theodor Flemming

„Carl-W. Röhrig’s work is completely masterful and inspirational. What an adventure !“

Chick Corea
Jazz Musican
Los Angeles

„Carl-W. Röhrig is a masterful artist and painter of dreams. I love his images because they are not only performing with consummate expertise and style, but because they are strong, passionate and remind us that life is a hopeful and beautiful thing. Carl’s world is unique and I adore travelling there.“

David Pomeranz
Multi-platinum Award
winning recording Artist
and Songwriter
Los Angeles

„Thank you so much for the magnificent painting. Carina received it and was moved with tears of joy, it was so beautiful to her.“

Dr. James B. Hopkins
Studio City

„As the project progressed, we realized that we had a rare individual in Mr. Röhrig. Not only was his work produced in record time, it was also highly accurate – a plus in a field where accuracy is so important. In addition, I would like to say that I feel that Carl is probably one of the finest (painter) in the world today. His works are not only meticulously accurate, they are visually stunning. The paintings he produced for us were by far the best produced for the book.

In closing, I would like to say that I feel Carl has a superlative and unique talent.“

David Seager
Art Director
National Geographic Society
Washington D.C.

„It was a great pleasure for me to open Mr. Röhrig’s painting exhibition at the end of a memorable day at Bodrum Castle. I congratulate you for your contribution to world wildlife preservation and for your skill as an artist.“

Dr. F. Saglar
Minister of Culture

A couple of the motifs you sent me are fantastic...“ They would, however, be very appropriate for our visitor center or administration building lobbies. Would you object to hanging these prints in these highly visible areas: again with credits?“

Tony Piazza
National Aeronautics and
Space Administration