Exhibitions in Switzerland, Berlin, Munich, Augsburg, Frankfurt. A series of paintings on the topic "Water and Ocean" created. Further awards for his artistic works for the National Geographic Society in Washington D.C. follow with the "Award for Extraordinary Artistic Performances".
Coverpages GEO, Der SPIEGEL, Stern, NATUR, GLOBO. Vernissage at the Munich "Nachtcafé". A series of paintings on the topic "Communication" develops. Examination of Greek Mythology. The second Sign of the Zodiac-Series is developed.
The Board of Trustees of the National Geographic Society declare the artist as a lifetime "Member of the National Geographic Society".
Release of the first book about Airbrush-Art and its fundamental tools.
Creation of large-size wall paintings in Nuremberg.
First lithographs made by the litho-print-technology published.
Creation of a series of 12 paintings for the topic 750 Years Switzerland.
The Swiss "Novum-Gallery" publishes paintings and a calendar of the painter on the occasion of the celebration of 750 years of Switzerland.
Contribution to the "FLIC-FLAC" TV-programme in "N 3" (Northern German TV)
A permanent exhibition of the artist’s work set up at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (N.A.S.A.) in Los Angeles.
Completion of the legendary "Sign of the Zodiac-Series".
More large size wall-paintings and sculptures, made of granite and bronze are created for public buildings
in Nuremberg.
A new painting series on the topic of the "Rain-forest" develops.
Publishing of the book "The Garden of Eden Must Not Die".
Release of the first Carl-W. Röhrig Artbook, which documents a 15-year-long period of about 900
paintings and more than 2,000 specific, artistic illustrations.
The artist starts the Tarot-Series, consisting of 78 single paintings. Study trip to New Zealand, TV appearances and exhibitions. Due to impressions gained of this country, the impulse arises to create another painting series called "Ancestral Portrait Gallery of Endangered Species". The Tarot-Book as well as a card game with the artist’s motifs released.
Beginning of the painting cycle "Ancestral Portrait Gallery of Endangered Species". The famous painting "Snow Leopard" appears in several international magazines and journals. The first original paintings are presented together with the famous animal film-maker and research scientist Professor Heinz Sielmann. The first original paintings are presented to the public at the "Deutschen Parlamentarischen Gesellschaft" (German Parliamentary Society) in Bonn.
Honoured by the "Deutsche Parlamentarische Gesellschaft" at the organization of an overall exhibition in Bonn.
Opening of the exhibition in the "Museum for Underwater-Archaeology" in Bodrum/Turkey by the Turkish Minister of Culture.
Exhibitions in Sussex/England, Bremen, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich and Hamburg.
The book "THANK YOU" is released with highly imaginative paintings by the artist.
Further coverpage works in GEO, Der SPIEGEL.
The first paintings under the title "The Colours of the Rainforest" are created.
The Hamburg "Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe" (Museum for Art and Trade) acquires 5 paintings.
Another series of paintings called "Trees" develops.
Exhibition at the "Luxury Lifestyle Show", Palm Springs, USA.
Exhibition in Worpswede.
Exhibition in the "Gallery of the Present" in Wiesbaden.
Completion of another Sign of the Zodiac-Series.
Twelve artistic silk ties and silk scarfs are created.
Coverpage in "Der SPIEGEL", "On the Trail of the First Human Being".
Further coverpage publications in magazines and journals.
Exhibition in Garding, Schleswig-Holstein (a North German State near Denmark).
The monthly magazine "Spiegel-Special" appears with a coverpage by the artist: "World of Agents".
The Museum für Wald und Umwelt (Museum of the Forest and the Environment) in Ebersberg, Southern Germany, acquires five works by the artist.
The Museum Tampa-Aquarium in Florida/USA, commissions the artists to create a piece of work for their grand opening celebration.
The new artistic collection "Painted Frames" created.
Further coverpages published by well known German magazines.
An extensive work about endangered butterflies - done in oil on canvas - develops out of another series of his environmental paintings.

Honoured by the Art Directors Club in Frankfurt for Spiegel-Special coverpage "World of Agents".
The City of Coburg acquires works by the artist.
The Röhrig-TAROT-Book is published in English.
Exhibition of free works in Los Angeles/USA.

Exhibition "Art in the Palmtree House" - Castle of Nymphenburg in Munich.
The National Geographic Society in Washington D.C. releases the book "Inside Out" - The Best of National Geographic Diagrams and Cutaways with works
by Röhrig.
Exhibition in Badern Museum, Solingen (Germany).
Further exhibitions in Southern Germany.

Exhibition in March at the Congress House, Zürich (Switzerland) for the "International Vitality Fair 1999" under the title "Window into another World".
Exhibition in May, "Lauenburgische Academy of Science and Culture" of the "Herzogtum-Lauenburg Foundation": "The Greatest Artwork is Nature".