Carl-W. Röhrig born on the 12th November in Munich, Schwabing District, in South-Germany.
Decision to become an artist. Becomes a student of the Academy of Graphic Professions in Munich. Studies in technical and manual basics of art.
Set-designer work at the Munich National Theatre. Participation in movies for American animated cartoons. First original paintings are being purchased by collectors.
Early discovery by art experts and first exhibitions in the Munich region. The works are inspired by classical surrealism, though Röhrig’s picture compositons differ, substantially in their elements from his models
Artistic-scientific paintings of the world of the microcosmos created. Necessary for this is the use of a technique which later finds general acceptance in the art of painting.
The artist starts to create scientific artworks for top German companies. Origin of the book "Ars bacteriologica".
Numerous exhibitions of his previous works in Copenhagen, Vienna, Berlin, Zürich, Munich, Cologne, Gelsenkirchen und Lucerne on the topic "Ars bacteriologica".
The artist moves from Munich to Hamburg. Further exhibitions in Copenhagen, Hamburg and Lucerne.
On the topic of "Ars bacteriologica", an exhibition in Tokyo/Japan is inaugurated.
Further exhibitions in Hamburg in the artist’s club "Die Insel" and in the "Gallery Hochhuth", in Zürich in the "Gallery Bavaria" und in Vienna in the "Gallery
Award for his outstanding scientific artwork from the Federal Minister of the Interior of Germany.

Participation in a medical-scientific film for the international magazine GEO with the title "War in the Body" under the famous director Volker Arzt.
Broadcasting of the film on the First German National TV Channel (ARD).
Exhibition in Munich in the "Gallery Hartmann" and in Berlin in the "Tabor Gallery".

Publication of several hundred artistic illustrations and paintings for various clients.
15 coverpages in well known magazines and periodicals.

Study trip to the US lasting several months.
Creation of medical illustrations for the book "The Incredible Machine" for the National Geographic Society in
Washington D.C.
This work appears in German in the GEO-book "The Human Being".
Study trip to Canada, California and New York. The artist rapidly develops the "New Romantic", consisting of aspects of "gentle violence", crime and sex, as they occur in daily life.
Realization of a 45-minute-long television film about the artist on the topic "Evolution as an Artwork or the Fantastic Journey" by the film director Uwe Schmidt (ARD). Group-Exhibition in New York in the "Ingbar-Gallery".Awarded the "Certificate of Merit" by the Museum of American Illustration in New York for his incredible scientific artworks.
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